Urban House and Eeuwe Zijlstra

20 October 2018 @ 15:00 – 16:00
Nieuwe Kerk
Nieuwe Kerkhof 1
9712 PT Groningen
€ 10,00

Music comes First

Urban House Hiphop in the Nieuwe Kerk
Dancers and musicians of Urban House Groningen, local schools, and Eeuwe Zijlstra playing the recently restored Timpe organ.

Organ and hiphop in a happy marriage: a matter of course in Groningen! This does great credit to Urban House Groningen (UHG), which has very actively encouraged all forms of youth and street art and culture in Groningen. In its attempts to discover the latest interesting trends in thiscultural scene, it hit on ‘Music comes First’. In this show, UHG presents a production bubbling with life, and interactive dance and music. The star dancer Mohamed Yusuf Boss and his professional troupe – including the organist Eeuwe Zijlstra, of course – are trying to find the ultimate in hiphop, and then blithely dance past it! This is cross-over in very best form.

‘Schools first’
The show opens with a presentation of a workshop for schoolchildren given by UHG earlier in the week. Dancing to hiphop music – great of course! But let’s imagine doing the same ‘contortions’ to a different type of music: jazz, classical, organ music? What will be the effect? In this workshop, the students are invited to look at their dance music from a completely different angle, and also discover and show their talents in this alternative style.

In 2017, Yusuf Boss won the ‘Gouden C’, the prestigious prize awarded by the National Fund for Cultural Participation. ‘Music Comes First’ was shown last year in the ‘New Attraction Block Jam’, and in the series ‘Festival van de Geest’ (Festival of the Spirit) in the Nieuwe Kerk.

Saturday 20 October, 15.00

Nieuwe Kerk, Nieuwe Kerkhof 1, Groningen

€ 10,00 Children up to age 16: € 5,00

Stichting Urban House

Restoration of the Timpe organ in the NieuweKerk